Avalokiteshvara and
Buddhas of Six Lokas

In the images of the Wheel of Life inside each of the six worlds is one of the buddhas. According to the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, all these Buddhas are manifestations of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, embodied compassion as an aspect of enlightenment. Each of the six Buddhas holds a special item in their hands; this is what the inhabitants of this world need above all else. We can say that this is a symbol of the next step, which must be done to one who is in a certain state of consciousness.

Within the world of the gods arises a white Buddha. He holds vina in his hands, that is, a lute, and plays a melody of impermanence. In the world of asuras is a green Buddha, holding in his hands a flaming sword of transcendental wisdom. To the world of hungry spirits acts the red Buddha. He beneficially gives them food and drink, which they are able to consume. Inside of the world of hell appears a smoky Buddha. He delights the suffering in hell with amrita nectar. The animal world dwells the blue Buddha. He shows the animal a book symbol of knowledge and wisdom. To the last world inhabited by humans comes the saffron-orange Buddha. He holds a begging bowl and a staff with three rings. These are attributes of a beggarly monk and, thus, the whole spiritual life.

Avalokiteshvara and Buddhas of Six Lokas

2017, 53.5 x 38 cm

canvas, mineral pigments, gold, brocade, silk


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