Burji Lhamo (sanskr. Hariti)

Worship to the goddess Burji Lhamo (tib. sosor bar ma, sanskr. Hariti), has even pre-Buddhist history.

Her white colored body just as shine of hundred thousands suns on the snowy top of Meru mountain. With one face and two hands she is magically beautiful. Her right hand holds a precious vase with the nectar curing women who are unable to have a baby and giving children long and «indestructible» life.

Under her arm Burji Lhamo carries the King of Mongoose, which increases desired abundance. This is symbol of good of wealth Namsarai. Her steps utter iron clang, which unites wisdom and method. From her navel rises the sun, (which dries up the sea of Samsaric lokas). And from the crown of her head rises the moon illuminating and dissolving darkness of ignorance. The breasts of the Goddess shedding nectar, which cures kids of deities and people.

Burji Lhamo (sanskr. Hariti)

2008, 63.5 x 43 cm

canvas, mineral pigments, gold, brocade, silk


Author’s property