Lhamo Odser Chenma

There are various forms of Odser Chenma (tib. odser chenma). One of them, a peaceful manifestation, with yellow body, shining like the sun.

With one face and two hands, the right hand in the mudra of giving and stretched forward, left hand — quietly holding a vase of nectar at the base of the body.

Calm, smiling, young, she is covered with colored silk, gold ornaments — crown and other signs of Bodhisattva. Seated on a lotus flower, gently stretching the right leg and tucked her left. 

Also, if the vital energy of a person (tib. bla) was stolen by some creature, doing practice of Odser Chenma can help to restore it.

Odser Chen-ma (Marichi)

201556 x 40 cm (tib. martan)

canvas, mineral pigments, gold, brocade, silk


Author’s property