Odser Chenma (sertan)

Odser Chen-ma is the Goddess of dawn. She has a yellow body with one face and two hands. Right arm in the gesture of higher granting extended forward; left one quietly holds the nectar vase at the base of the body. Calm, smiling, young, she is adorned with soaring colorful silks, golden jewelry: (golden crown, earrings, necklaces) and other Bodhisattva attributes.

Tara is a female form of the Buddha, a manifestation of wisdom and compassion of the all enlightened ones. By her blessings, we can easily develop kindness and love for all living beings.

Odser Chen-ma (Marichi)

2016, 45 x 35 cm (tib. sertan)

canvas, mineral pigments, gold, brocade, silk


Property of G. Oleksenko (Moscow, Russia)