Green Tara of sandal forest

The great Indian Master Nagarjuna, in his work in Danjur (tib. bstan ‘gyur, compendium of commentaries on Ganjur), gives a detailed description of Green Tara:“ The goddess has one face, since the all-encompassing knowledge of things is primordial knowledge. A green body color indicates the ability to perform any action. In fact, green is also the color of Amoghasiddhi, the Buddha who governs action.

The right hand is folded in the gesture of giving, expressing that the cultivation of generosity (skt. dana-paramita) should accompany knowledge; the left hand is in a gesture of patronage, as it protects creatures from all kinds of fear. She holds the lotus, thereby showing that all living entities, taking refuge in her, achieve happiness.

Tara manifests itself as a sixteen-year-old girl (age of eternal youth), since she has the ability to realize complete prosperity. Sits on a snow-white moon, which means its inseparability from secret knowledge. The moon disk is on the lotus (skt. visvapadma), since secret knowledge is associated with compassion, another indestructible factor of enlightenment».

Green Tara of sandal forest


2021, 44,5 x 30 cm

canvas, mineral pigments, gold, brocade, silk

Author’s property