Tseu Marpo

Tseu Marpo (tib. tse’u dmar po) emerges from the exuberant profusion of the pre-Buddhist mythic world of Tibet guardian of the Samye Monastery. His forehead is contorted in anger. The upper teeth gnaws the lower lip. He brandishes a lasso in the right hand and in his left hand he holds the lance of the tsan demons which he throws with the speed of lightning on enemies, catching with it their «life-breath».

On his right side he carries a quiver of tiger-skin and on his left side a bow-case made from the skin of a leopard; he rides a red horse.

Tseu Marpo resides at Samye Monastery built by Guru Padmasambhava at VIII century. He dwells in a building where the ancient mask known as the srid-pahi smug-chuh is preserved. The outer walls of the edifice are covered with red cloth. He is expected to exterminate enemies.

Tseu Marpo

1999, 61 x 43 cm (tib. martan)

canvas, mineral pigments, gold, brocade, silk

Author’s property