Green Tara

Great Indian teacher, Nagarjuna gives a detailed description of Green Tara in his work in the Tengyur:

«The goddess has a single face because the global knowledge of things is primordial knowledge. The green color points to the power of performing every kind of action. Green is, in fact, also the color of Amoghasiddhi, a Buddha who presides over action.

Right hand is the symbol of the relative or conventional truth, and the left one is the symbol of the Transcendental or Absolute Truth. Her right leg is stretched because the gnosis symbolized by Tara implies the renunciation of all kinds of obstacles. Her left leg is bent towards her body because this gnosis realizes every kind of virtue.

Her ornaments signify the perfection of knowledge and moral practices.

Green Tara

2013, 62 x 42 cm

canvas, mineral pigments, gold, brocade, silk


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