Tashi Tseringma

Tashi Tseringma (tib. bkra shis tshe ring ma) — Dharma protectress, guardian of the teachings and practitioners.

In this form Tashi Tseringma appeared after Guru Padmasambhava bound her with vows and put at the service of Buddhism. Her abode is located on Mount Everest, and the strength of her defense and the action extends to the entire Eurasian continent.

Five Tseringma sisters symbolize different elements of the action of the five families. They confer various aspects of protection, longevity and prosperity.

There are large number of practices of clairvoyance and divination to predict the future due to the Tashi Tseringma.

Tashi Tseringma

2017, 60 x 44 cm

silk, Chinese ink, herbal colors


Property of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu