Namsarai Nine Brothers

The great Dharmapala (Protector of the Teaching) Vaishravana (Rnam-thos sras), guardian deity of the north and god of wealth. He sits astride a ravishing white snow lion holding a victory banner and a plump, jewel-spouting mongoose (who symbolizes generosity, as it conquers the snakes of avarice). Here he is depicted in front of his gorgeous palace made with all kind of jewels, gold and precious materials. From both his sides he surrounded by eight of his brother riding horses and kipping different objects in hands. All of them represent all kind of positive activity of Namsarai for prosperity, richness, sufficiency and well-being.

One more image of Namsarai is here.

Namsarai nine brothers

2013, 83 x 64 cm

canvas, mineral pigments, gold, brocade, silk


Author’s property