Queen Ekajati and Dharma protectors

Ekajati (tib. ral chig ma — One Braid of Hair), the principal protectress and guardian of the «Revealed Treasure» tradition of the Nyingma School.

Maroon in color and fearsome in appearance she has one central eye and one long white tooth, sharp, biting down over the lower lip. Her yellow hair flows upward like flames, twisted into a single braid.

In the Nyingma School Ekajati is the chief protector for the «Revealed Treasure» traditions and manifests in numerous forms, often appearing with only one eye and one tooth. The different forms and descriptions of Ekajati are found in the various «Revealed Treasure» texts of the Nyingma School.

Chogyal Namkhai Norbu received directly from Ekajati all the Mandarava practice as the «gomter» — terma of the mind.

Queen Ekajati and Dharma protectors

2009-2010, 82.5 x 63 cm (tib. nagtan)

canvas, mineral pigments, gold, brocade, silk


Property of A. Zbritskiy (Moscow, Russia)