Three Kaya and Dzogchen guardians

Vajrasattva is a supreme Buddhist deity who embodies the purity of the enlightened mind. Vajrasattva means “Diamond Being” in Sanskrit. In Vajrayana Buddhism, the principle of purity and purification. Vajrasattva embodies the capacity to eliminate spiritual impurities of all kinds, particularly neglected commitments toward one’s teacher and one’s own spiritual development. Vajrasattva is a Sambhogakaya manifestation; he unifies all the five buddha-families within himself in the same way that the white color of his body unifies all the five colors. With his right hand he holds vajra (tib. rdo rje) to his heart, which signifies his indestructible essence. His left hand, holds a bell, rests on his hip; this is an expression of his compassion.

The hundred-syllable mantra associated with him is used in all schools of Tibetan Buddhism for mind purification.

Here is depicted thee Kayas: Dharmakaya ― Samantabhadra, Sambhogakaya ― Vajrasattva and Nirmanakaya are three main teachers of Dzogchen: Garab Dorje, Guru Padmasambhava and Chogyal Namkhai Norbu.

Three Kaya and Dzogchen guardians

2003-2004, 78.5 x 55 cm. (tib. sertan)

canvas, mineral pigments, gold, brocade, silk


Property of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu

Merigar East, Romania