Twenty One Tara

The name Tara (tib. drol ma) means the Savior. Her nature is wisdom, and actions are skillful means and methods. The ancient texts describe the limitless manifestations of Tara. It is said that she may manifest herself as inanimate objects, such as water, a bridge, medicine, food …

In all emanations Tara protects from various fears and dangers, provides quick help in difficult situations who contact to her.

Manifestations of Tara white color means actions of cleansing and pacification. Yellow-gold — multiply and expand, increase and bring prosperity. Her red emanations endow with power, compassion and love for all beings. The blue color of Tara personifies the awakened action with the use of wrathful methods, eliminating obstacles, when the result cannot be achieved by means other than wrathful.

It is believed that Green Tara includes all these aspects. In many ways she protects, supports, guards creatures and eliminates their fears. She is depicted in the center of the mandala of the Twenty One Tara.

Twenty One Tara

2018, 64 x 44 cm (tib. martan)

canvas, mineral pigments, gold, brocade, silk


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