Vajrapani and Guardians

Among Bodhisattvas in the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition, a very special role plays Vajrapani (tib. khro bo phyag na rdorje) — wrathful form Bodhisattva, manifestation of action, which eliminates all possible obstacles on the way to Enlightenment. Comparing with the peaceful manifestations he is portrayed in the form of Dharmapala.

Without a halo behind him and with raging flames. Body color is dark blue. His attributes would normally be two — right hand keeps vajra with the mudra of threat (in Hinduism its considered to be Shiva’s mudra), and the left hand is doing tarjana mudra — the threatening gesture.

Vajrapani and Guardians

1997-1998, 73.5 x 52 cm

canvas, mineral pigments, gold, brocade, silk


Property of A. Ivaschenko (China)